Monday, February 8, 2016

Coyotes in the Yard!!

Here at our farm we have a lot of animals and we keep some Great Pyrenees to help protect everyone against the abundant coyote population.  By day the dogs sleep and by night they are barking, patrolling and keeping the general population here at the ranch safe.

One morning, the day after the triplet baby goats were born, and the smell of birthing blood was strong, as I was waking up I heard the gate rattle like when the dog jumps over the fence. Then the sound of growling dogs and fighting. In my half asleep groggy state of mind, I remembered that all the inside dogs were still in and there was no logical explanation for growling dogs and gate rattling except for strange dogs to be in the area. I leaped out of bed with a start and threw open the door. Right there practically on my front porch was a smallish coyote, and the Great Pyrenees had his teeth baring down on the coyote's back trying to get him. I'm not sure if the coyote was actually in the yard or just trying to get there when the dog found him but they took off running at high speed down the driveway and through the horse pasture. The dog chased it off into the distance and I'm not sure if he actually managed to get it.

I never expected to find a coyote like that on my front porch area and am thankful that the dog was able to get it off the property but it was quite a scary event for all the goats and sheep who were watching with great concern!

Needless to say the dog earned his keep for sure and got some extra special treats and goodies that day!

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