Sunday, April 29, 2012

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some ways to combat fleas:

Since I have been having a huge problem with fleas in my house this year I decided to write a post about some of the ways I've been trying to deal with them, and whether or not they are working or not!

First you have the repellents and then you have the stuff that actually kills the fleas. I have found that in order to not get carried away by so many fleas I like to kill them before they kill me and the only way I have found unfortunately is the chemicals. Now if anyone of you reading this has any other solutions, please let me know! (the cry of a desperate woman)  Of the chemicals that I have tried, the best one for killing fleas on cats and dogs is the Adams fleas spray. Another one that seems to work for me is Zodiac brand.

As for the natural ways to repell fleas, I use of course Diatomateous earth, food grade. It seems to diminish the flea population, but it also leaves the house horribly dusty and the animals look a little funny with all the white powder in their coats. I also like to keep them sprayed with Avon's Skin so Soft. That is when they don't have DE covering them. At least this smells nice, but it does leave them looking really greasy, especially the longer haired dogs and cats.
Another thing that seems to help is to feed the dogs brewers yeast every day in their food. I also put a tablespoon or so of Apple Cider Vinegar in their drinking water. Both of these seem to cause the fleas to prefer other eating bodies, hopefully not the humans in the house!

Don't forget the outdoors. Either spray chemicals to kill the fleas that are lurking outside or spread Diatomateous earth in the yard to kill them so they don't re-infest the house.

And of course vaccum, vaccum, vaccum up those nasty fleas and flea eggs, and don't forget to throw the vaccum bag out in a well sealed bag.

Some ideas that I intend to try but haven't yet are to make a lemon tea to spray on the dogs coats. Also a lavender rinse is said to repell fleas. I have also seen flea traps that plug into the wall, but haven't actually tried those yet.

Hopefully your battle with the fleas will be more successful than mine is at this point in the game!