Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Did you know you can eat Duck Eggs?

I have always liked ducks. Maybe it's their funny way they waddle around, maybe their cute little quacks, or maybe their little personalities and funny things they do but I've had ducks off and on for most of my life. At one point when I lived in Brazil I had up to 100 ducks, all Muscovies. They made a mess but I loved to watch them raise their babies and the dedication of the momma ducks with their ducklings. Of course I sold them too so I didn't keep that many but they were a tiny bit lucrative and enjoyable. They would sometimes frequently escape their pen and fly up on the roof of our house and if you weren't careful they would bomb you from the air with unpleasantness! I had to run out with the broom and scare them off the roof running like a crazy lady, broom waving in the air. I'm sure if the neighbors saw me they would have laughed. When you have lots of ducks like that you have lots of duck eggs and most of the time I let the mothers sit on their eggs to hatch them but sometimes we didn't have chicken eggs and so we would go to the duck yard and gather up some eggs. Here is what we discovered about using duck eggs. If you fry them up like a fried chicken egg, they taste a lot stronger and I didn't really like that taste. Some people might like it a lot. However, we tried using the duck eggs in a cake or brownies and they made the brownies more chewy and tender and the cake more fluffy and delicious. It was amazing how much better our baked goods turned out by using the duck eggs as opposed to the chicken eggs! Now every time we want to bake, we make sure we use the duck eggs if we have them. The yolks are bigger and the whites are thicker than chicken eggs. Currently I don't live in Brazil anymore but I still have ducks! We have several different breeds of ducks, the Pekin, the Blue Swedish and the Rouen. We also have a few geese and a bunch of chickens, but those are another story! If you haven't tried a brownie made with a duck egg, you should make some, you won't regret it!