Recipe from the Farm - Cucumber Corn Salad

I came up with this yummy salad recipe yesterday while making lunch for the family and trying to avoid our standard go to salads. It was fresh and delicious. Cucumber Corn Salad Ingredients: 3-5 medium sized cucumbers (I used 3) sliced thinly Small sweet onion, chopped chunky About 4 sprigs of cilanto 1 Avocado 3-5 cobs of corn (or 1-2 cups ) 1 Lime Salt and Pepper to taste Garlic powder if desired How to put it together: Slice the cucumbers thin and add to salad bowl. Chop the onion thin or chunky ( I did chunky). Remove the skin and seed from the avocado and slice up into the salad bowl. Add chopped cilanto and the juice of the lime. If you're using cobs of corn, cut the corn off the cob, or if you're using a can of corn, drain the water. Using around 2-3 tablespoons of Olive Oil (or other oil) Place the corn in a skillet with the oil and saute it until it looks golden brown and cooked. Stir while sauteing. Add the corn to the cucumber/cilantro/avocado. Mi

Gangrene Mastitis

This is a nasty subject but since this is a homesteading tips blog, and I can't find too much on the internet about gangrene mastitis in goats I figured it would be a great idea to share my experiences in hopes that it will help someone with their goat care and husbandry and possibly save a goat's life. My case started out two years before now. One of my favorite does, a heavy milker with a beautiful udder, was acting off one morning. I took her temperature and it was high. I milked her as usual and everything seemed ok. I didn't notice anything off about the milk. I decided the temperature was high enough to warrant a trip to the vet. The vet examined her and decided that she just had a upper respiratory infection. He gave her antibiotics, banamine and b-12 dose. When we got home I kept an eye on her and she just didn't seem to perk up any. By evening I knew something was terribly wrong. I noticed that her udder seemed cool and blueish. Never having seen anything lik

Stories from the Amazon - Crazy Bull part 2

If you read the previous story about Crazy Bull Part 1, then you might have a little idea of how this one goes...  We raised rodeo bulls at our farm in northern Brazil. I taught horseback riding lessons and my husband rode bulls, did bull fighting and stock contracted and we even put on a couple of rodeos (but that's another story). Some bulls worked out and bucked good but others were crazy and only wanted to kill the one crazy enough to try to ride them. With one string of bucking bulls we had, you really could only go out in the pasture on horseback if you wanted to come back alive. It was a daunting way to earn a living. One particular bull was a very big and mean to the bone Charlois/Brahman cross (kinda like the other one from story Part 1) They maybe even came from the same farm, who knows... They both didn't buck very well and tried to mush you into the ground if you fell off them wrong, or even if you fell off them right too. We decided that this one should also go t

Stories from the Amazon - The night I almost met a famous person!

This adventure happened during the time when I was in my early twenties and living in southern Brazil in a beautiful city called Maringa. I was working as a missionary with the organization called Youth With a Mission (YWAM) I worked with that organization for around 5 years or so in various parts of the world and doing an interesting variety of tasks.  At this point I was doing rodeo ministry, where we would follow several rodeo circuits in southern Brazil and share the gospel, hold Bible studies for them, help in any way behind the chutes, pray with the cowboys before their rides, go with them in the ambulance if they got hurt and many other things. Since I also knew two languages I was called upon to translate for any English speaking cowboys as well. One fine afternoon while resting at the mission base, one of my friends and coworkers, Lene,  came running up to me very excitedly and told me that she just found out that two famous Brazilian country singers (ZeZe de Camargo e Lucia

Stories from the Amazon - Twitter Pitter

There is a type of bird in Brazil that is very pretty, and sings beautifully. They are called Palm Tanagers . One day my brother, who was probably 9 or so, was playing with his friends at one of the mission base houses. There was a palm tanager nest in the rafters of their porch. One little baby bird got scared and fell out of the nest. For some reason they didn't, or maybe couldn't, put it back in the nest and my brother John brought the baby home to me, since everyone at that time knew me as the animal person who would take in anything and care for it. We weren't quite sure what a baby palm tanager would eat but we figured that fruit was probably a good option so I began to feed the baby chunks of papaya and banana and other fruits.He loved the fruit. He would sit there doing a happy dance with his mouth open as I shoved small chunks of fruit down his throat. We named him Twitter Pitter.  Twitter Pitter grew his feathers and bonded greatly to me. He could be anywhere in

Stories from the Amazon - Took the Toucan

When this story happened, I was a teenager and well known on the mission base as being the crazy animal lover kid. Actually, when we left the mission base and moved into the city, our old house became known as the Farm House, which really tickled my funny bone. My parents and almost all the other families on the mission base were full time missionaries. However, occasionally, other people would come on short term mission trips. Some would stay a year, some only a few weeks. We kids, always looked forward each summer to seeing if any new people would arrive and what they would be like. Some of them we really liked, like the short termer who would always fix my toy horse's broken legs, or the other one who would cook up some tasty homemade tortillas for the gang of kids. One summer, an older lady arrived and she went to one of the Indian villages to spend a few weeks. We kids never really got to meet her because she didn't spend much time on the base. When she arrived back to t

Stories from the Amazon - Horse in the House

Foxy was my beloved second horse, a chestnut fireball, full of energy, challenging, fun and I loved her maybe more than any other horse I've ever had. She is probably the horse who made me the rider I am today and taught me so much about communication between horse and rider. We had many adventures together. This particular one happened after probably a year or two of owning her when I was around 17 or 18. Every year in our town, before the annual state fair,  there would be a parade down main street. They would usually always start by the train station by the river. Our town was a river town, right on the banks of one of the larger tributaries of the Amazon river. It was called Rio Madeira, or Wood River (translated). Years before I was born they harvested rubber out of the jungles and there was a train that carried the rubber to wherever they took it. This was long before my time though and all that remained was a train station museum and some old tracks and a few really old tr