Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gluten Free

Our family has recently decided to start attempting to go gluten free. Not because of allergies or anything like that, but because of what we have recently learned about the higher content of gluten found in today's wheat compared to even ten or fifteen years ago. The gluten induces inflammation in cells and causes so many other health problems that we have decided to start limiting the amount of wheat and wheat products we consume. We already naturally eat very healthy food, mostly all homemade and mostly homegrown too, almost all organic. But we do all really love bread and enjoy making bread and things like that.
I found this Gluten Free cookbook on Amazon and thought that maybe it might help others like us who are in the pursuit to eat more healthy and care for the needs of your body. When your cells have inflammation, all sorts of problems occur. Hopefully this book will help you!

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