Saturday, January 28, 2017

Ducks on the roof!!!

We raise a breed of duck that happens to enjoy flying! They fly to the pond. They fly over the fence into the animal pens. They fly on top of the roof of the house. They fly to the neighbors pond. They are quite comical and I enjoy watching them fly across the pasture to the pond. The rooftop however is rather annoying since there apparently are lots of bugs and good things to eat up there and they like to walk around and search for those bugs in the wee morning hours when I'm trying to catch my last few minutes of sleep. They don't lay too many eggs but they make excellent mothers and are a good breed for eating as they grow fast and have lots of meat, males especially. The are Muscovy ducks. The are native to Central and South America and are extremely hardy birds. In some parts of the United States they are considered a pest because they reproduce so much. However, they make an excellent choice for the small farmer who likes duck meat since they grow quick and are efficient converters of foraged food into edible meat.  They browse and eat anything they can find. So if you're looking for a fun bird, that would provide lots of meat fairly quickly you might want to consider the Muscovy ducks.

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