Friday, February 13, 2015

Secrets of the Rich

Just about a mile down the road from me is one of the most beautiful properties I've seen. It's on a quiet country road and has a pristine white board fence, a winding driveway up through the trees and at the top of the hill sits my dream house (sort of). It is white stone with that real rich looking decor and design. The barn is beautiful and it has the largest lake in the local area. I look longingly at it every time I happen to drive past and wonder what those people did to get that much money.

The other day I was piddling around looking at real estate for sale, dreaming of a larger farm than the current one, and happened to notice that this particular one I just described was for sale! I clicked on it and sure enough, for 7.2 million dollars you could purchase it. That got me to thinking even more about how in the world people accumulate that much money.
I'm sure I don't have all the answers but I might have a few ideas..
Here's what I came up with:
3 ways to accumulate tons of money:
First way is to inherit it. Unfortunately in my family I won't be inheriting any that I know of, at least not currently.
Second way is to have a great idea, market it, be unique and make lots of money on your idea, work hard and invest wisely. This is great but not everyone comes up with great ideas that are original. So.... back to the drawing board.
Third way is one that I personally am attempting and know lots of people who have made lots of money doing and that is network marketing. It this method you have the potential to earn unlimited amount of money. My advice is to find a reputable company with a solid background, do your research and find one that sells a product that you have seen works, that you like to use and that you are excited about. If you are excited about it and it is working for you then you will make money at it. I would love to share my network marketing company with you. It has allowed members of my family to lose a lot LOT of weight, look years younger and have tons more energy and is healthy for you. If you are interested check out this website and contact me for more info.

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