Sunday, March 9, 2014

Flying Turkeys!

At my small farm I recently purchased two half grown female turkeys to be mates to my tom turkey that I already had. They are somewhat nervous birds, compared to the tom who loves attention and will come up to you and let you pet him. They are beautiful, but nervous. They live in the shed with about 8 geese and 3 ducks.

The geese are bullies and always picking on someone. They think they rule the whole farm and have even attacked the pony while it was being ridden. That's another story though.

Frequently I let the geese and ducks and turkeys loose in the great outdoors so they can graze, swim in the larger sized tub and run around and eat bugs. They love it and get so sad when I don't let them out. A few days ago, when I let them out, the two female turkeys decided to jump (or fly) to the roof of my rabbit shed and then to the tallest branches of the tree that shades the rabbit hutch! I was so surprised. I had no idea that turkeys loved to be up so high. The first day they did that, they came down in the late afternoon and went to bed in the rafters of their shed.

A few days later, they again flew up to the top of the tree, which is an oak tree. This time however, they refused to come down. The tom turkey went to bed in the shed as usual but his girls played hooky on him and slept in the tree. Unfortunately this caused me problems because the dogs that get let out at night and morning would have been able to attack the turkeys. I had to stand watch in the morning, with sleepy eyes.

A few days after that, the girl turkeys decided to fly up to the very top of an even higher tree that shades the house. I climbed up as high as I could get and poked at them with the longest stick I could find. I managed to scare one of them down out of the tree but the other spent the night again up as high as she could get.

I still haven't figured out why they think its so great to be up so high but they love it. I will have to see when they get full grown if they still do that!

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