Saturday, February 23, 2013

My latest adventure in the great story of my life involves driving for two days and 1000 miles to take my purebred show quality Dachshund girl to breed to a champion male of the same breed. So to start this story off, I will go back to the very beginning of me having a Dachshund. It all started before I got married. The fiance really wanted to have a hound dog of some sort. He was leaning toward the Basset hound. I already had show dogs, but I always preferred the big dogs. Maybe that was due tot he fact that my first dogs were very large, German Shepherds and Great Danes! But he was a rather small man (in stature at least) and wanted something smaller than my current Labradors and Australian Shepherds. So we went to our dog trainer friend (well, my friend anyway) and he happened to have an adorable black and tan Dachshund puppy in the kennel. She was very cute and tried her best to win us over. I of course was immediately taken with her but he really wanted a Basset hound. The dog trainer was doing everything he could to get us to take the Dachshund and finally that is what we did. We took her home and boy was she full of energy and desire to hunt! I started campaigning her on the dog show trail and got her champion and grand champion title and she even won a Best in Show at one dog show. It was so exciting! Well, things in our marriage changed and we moved to the United States to try to fix things. We had to leave all the dogs behind which broke my heart, but we were able to send for Panda (that was her call name) and she came here to the cold winter. I wanted to breed her to a champion male and after much difficulty I finally found one, very beautiful and the breeding was successful. She was already getting up there in age and the litter had a rocky start but 4 survived and I kept the best of the litter, a perfect female who I named Gisele, after the famous Brazilian model who was so pretty! And now we are almost back to where my story starts! I showed Gisele in a few shows and she did really well and got some points, but then life got crazy and I didn't have time, so before she got as old as her mother's first litter, I decided to go ahead and breed her. The male was spectacular and I arranged for her to go meet him. This entailed an very long 10 hour round trip drive two weekends in a row to take her and pick her up. As of right now, we are awaiting the arrival of the puppies. I will keep you updated as to their progress! I guess when something is so important to a person, you just do what you need to do to make it happen!

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